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April's Medical Board Meeting Recap


Rules to Watch:

  • Interstate Medical License Compact
  • Weight Loss Prescribing Rules
  • Light Based Medical Device Rules
  • Telehealth Rules


Interstate Medical License Compact Update

Work continues on implementing the rules and processes needed to support the Interstate Medical License (IMLC) Compact in Ohio. The medical board has been actively engaging with the compact administrators and expects to “go live” in August or early September. The board anticipates the need to hire additional staff (at least temporarily) to handle the initial influx of IMLC requests.

Weight Loss Prescribing Rule

The medical board discussed the comments received from several obesity medicine experts regarding proposed changes to the weight loss prescribing rule and voted to formally file the draft rule after obtaining a review from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy. The most recent rule draft Rule is divided into initiation of treatment and continuation of treatment and would remove many of the barriers to treatment that exist in the current rule. The proposed rule would remove language prohibiting initiation of treatment with a controlled substance if the patient was unsuccessful in previous attempts to lose weight, delete the requirement to see a patient every 30 days, and would remove the 12-week prescribing limitation.

Light Based Medical Device (Laser) Rules

Due to legislative changes made last summer, the board is proposing amendments to the rules that determine which types of procedures may be delegated to non-physician practitioners. The amendments remove any language that conflicts with Ohio Revised Code and references the statute as being applicable for the delegation of light-based medical devices for laser hair removal. The amended rules address general provisions regarding the delegation of light-based medical devices, and the delegation of vascular lasers for non-ablative dermatologic procedures. Rule 4731-18-04 regarding the delegation of light-based medical devices for phototherapy and photodynamic therapy is unchanged and not part of this package. Medical board member, Dr. Mark Bechtel, a practicing dermatologist, has been instrumental in reviewing the rules and providing useful feedback to the medical board regarding the appropriate levels of delegation.

Telehealth Rules

The medical board discussed the numerous comments they received (over 60) regarding the proposed telehealth rules. The rules, 4731-37-01 and 4731-11-09, outline the standard of care required when treating a patient via telemedicine. Rule 4731-11-09 is specific to the standard of care related to prescribing controlled substances via telemedicine. OSMA was pleased to see that a number of the comments our telehealth work group submitted to the board were favorably received and incorporated into the proposed rules.

As a reminder, in accordance with the new telehealth law, the medical board will to continue to suspend enforcement of its telehealth related rules, including those with in-person requirements, while the board amends or adopts new telehealth rules.

Visit the medical board’s website to view the proposed rules. The OSMA is actively following all of the medical board’s proposed rules. For more information, contact Jennifer Hayhurst, OSMA Director of Regulatory Affairs, at


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