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Feds Solicit Complaints for Anti-Competitive Behavior in Healthcare


In late April of this year, the Federal Trade Commission, Justice Department, and Department of Health and Human Services announced a joint online portal to solicit complaints from providers and members of the public to report anti-competitive behavior in the healthcare marketplace.

Examples of unfair or anti-competitive behavior include:

  • price fixing or collusion
  • contract provisions
  • other behavior that restricts competition
  • data being used to foster anticompetitive environments 
  • and many others.

The Justice Department and FTC will review complaints submitted through the portal to determine whether there is sufficient concern for violations of federal antitrust laws or other related regulations, which may then lead to the opening of an official investigation.

You can find the portal and additional information at

If you have questions about Ohio abortion laws, medical marijuana, or unfair or anti-competitive behavior, please contact Sean McCullough.


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