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Ohio Physicians Give Feedback on Medicaid Managed Care Program

The following was submitted to Maureen Corcoran, Director Ohio Department of Medicaid:

As the state’s largest physician-led association, we appreciate this opportunity to share feedback from Ohio’s physicians. Many of our members provide daily patient care to Ohio’s Medicaid population and thus are uniquely qualified to provide meaningful information to assist the Ohio Department of Medicaid in its upcoming competitive Medicaid managed care procurement process.

The comments we received from our members generally centered on areas where improvement is most desired, including plan accountability, grievances and appeals, provider support, benefits and delivery, and care coordination and management. Additionally, we’ve encouraged our members to respond individually to your request for information so that they might provide specific examples from their specialty and practice setting and location.

Plan Accountability 

Grievances & Appeals 

Provider Support 

Benefits & Delivery 

Patient Care Coordination & Management

Thank you for allowing the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) and Ohio physicians to provide valuable input into this process. We hope this information and feedback provided directly from our members will benefit your procurement process. Physicians are on the frontlines of healthcare so we greatly appreciate your full consideration for the items listed above as a means for further improving Ohio’s system of healthcare. Should you need additional information, please email Todd Baker. 

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