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Federal Surprise Billing Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) Portal Now Active


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) portal, which allows providers to initiate the IDR process under the No Surprises Act, is now active. 

Access the IDR Portal Here >

Additional Information and Resources:


CMS Resources

AMA Resources

Ohio Specific Surprise Billing Law and Portal

A reminder that Ohio has its own surprise billing law and arbitration process. All state regulated plans are subject to this law instead of the federal law. OSMA has provided members with updates on the state law and portal in emails earlier this year. A listing of those articles is below. If you have questions about the state law or process, please email OSMA at

OSMA Articles:

Ohio Department of Insurance Activates Surprise Billing Arbitration Portal

New Surprise Billing Rule in Ohio—What to know!


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