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COVID-19 Treatments & Testing: What to Know


While health officials and physicians continue to educate and advocate the public about the importance of getting vaccinated as an important COVID defense against serious illness or hospitalization, physicians also have access to an array of treatments that can be provided to patients that do get infected with COVID-19.

A variety of resources and education are available at the state and federal level to help assess the current science, understand the availability and access to testing and treatments, and learn how to better educate patients. The information sources below continue to be fluid, and we encourage you to check these resources frequently.

Testing & Treatment:

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Medication & Treatment:

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Webinar - Oral COVID-19 Antivirals with a Focus on Paxlovid
Watch at your convenience (46 minutes)

Oral Antivirals to Treat COVID-19

Reference links from the webinar presentation include:



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