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October's Medical Board Meeting Recap


At its regularly scheduled meeting on October 12, the Medical Board adopted three additional offenses to its list of disqualifying offenses for application for licensure. As the phrase suggests this is a list of offenses the Board maintains—which provide an automatic disqualification of any individual convicted of the offenses from applying for licensure.

The additional offenses adopted by the Board are as follows:

  1. C. 3721.66 Tampering or Unauthorized Use. This law prohibits anyone other than a nursing facility resident or the resident’s guardian from accessing or viewing the content a camera or audio recorder installed in the resident’s room.


  1. C. 2903.31 Hazing. This law prohibits a person from performing any act of initiation on another which could cause substantial mental or physical harm for purposes of membership in a student organization.


  1. C. 2903.311 Reckless failure to immediately report knowledge of hazing. This law requires certain school officials, faculty, etc. to immediately report knowledge of any incident of hazing.


The complete list of the Medical Board’s disqualification offenses can be found here:


The OSMA is actively following all of the medical board’s proposed rules. For more information, visit the medical board’s website at or contact the OSMA at


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