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State Medical Board & Regulatory Update


The Medical Board has now adopted the official licensure status of "retired." The "retired" status replaces the "emeritus" license status per feedback from physicians that advocated for this change. Like the "emeritus" status, "retired" does not provide the authority for the licensee to continue to practice, but it does permit that license to represent that their license is officially "retired". You can find more information on converting a license to "retired" status here:

OSMA also continues to work on Board rules concerning Medication-Assisted Treatment. OSMA has been working on these rules for almost a year with the Board. OSMA membership met with Board staff last summer to provide feedback as to the need for additional flexibility and availability of opioid use disorder drugs. OSMA submitted comments in conjunction with the Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association generally supporting expanded use and availability of buprenorphine in October of last year. The Board rules provide various amendments surrounding treatments of opioid use disorder. The rules update some aspects of prescribing buprenorphine by increasing the daily limit of buprenorphine from 24 to 32 mg if the practioner has particular credentials (addiction specialist, etc.) while also eliminating the federally required DATA 2000 Waiver for buprenorphine. The rules also update some aspects of treatment protocols, and allow for the use of methadone in treatment. OSMA will continue to work with the Board to support increased access and availability of substance use disorder treatments.

Finally, the Medical Board is now hosting a podcast to inform members and the public on current Board matters. Although the target audience is the general public, this podcast may be helpful for any providers unfamiliar with Board processes or current matters in front of it. The first episode is posted on the Board's website, which you can find here:

If you have any questions concerning these or any other Board matters, please contact Sean McCullough at


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